Fix length Seal

Fixed length seals - Seals with a fixed length for integrity sealing

Fixed length seals are closure seals or security seals that have a predetermined usable length. Unlike pull-through seals, which are variable in length, the usable length of fixed length seals is fixed. Once the sealing tape is locked in the closure, the seal cannot be reopened. Fixed length seals are intended for one-time use and are therefore also referred to as disposable or one-time use seals. Fixed length seals are a cost-effective but important tool for marking the integrity and tamper-free nature of goods or containers. Fixed length seals are widely used in many areas of the transportation business because they are very easy to handle. No tools such as sealing wire or a sealing pliers are required for sealing. Due to their predetermined length, fixed length seals are not as universally applicable as pull-through seals, but they are very robust and therefore break-proof. Fixed length seals are often made of plastic and are made from high-quality plastics. However, there are also metal closure rings called metal band seals. Due to their robustness, metal band seals are an excellent alternative to container seals.

Quality seals - Tamper-proof and easy to handle

Like most security seals, fixed length seals are equipped with a unique serial number. This serial number makes replacement impossible, as each number is
only assigned once. A fixed length seal is therefore highly tamper-proof. The use of fixed length seals and plastic seals offers companies numerous advantages. They not only ensure the integrity of closures and prevent unauthorized access, but also serve as evidence in case of tampering. In addition, they help companies comply with regulations and security standards, especially in sensitive industries such as energy supply, healthcare, and the chemical industry. Overall, fixed length seals, and especially plastic seals, are an effective, cost-effective, and reliable solution to ensure the security of items. With personalized options from Kronsguard, you can customize your seals individually and strengthen your brand at the same time. Choose high-quality fixed length seals and plastic seals to prevent tampering and strengthen the trust of your customers and partners.


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Fix-length seal FixRing, 1,000 pieces

Increased safety through double-locking mechanism

  • Plastic seal for sealing of trucks, swap bodies, containers, boxes, tanks, etc.
  • Fix length of seal tape
  • Predetermined breaking point
  • 1 PU = 1,000 pcs
  • Other variants are available on request

€0.12 / VK

Tax excluded (19%)
Shipping weight: 3,2 kg
1 - 3 days 2900-nlb

Metal strap seal Royale, 1,000 pieces

  • High quality metal strap seal
  • Tamper-proof
  • For sealing swap bodies, containers, trucks, etc.
  • Packaging unit = 1,000 pieces

€0.19 / VK

Tax excluded (19%)
Shipping weight: 8,27 kg
4 - 6 weeks 1155

Fix-length seal Ringseal 2.0, 1.000 pieces

Predetermined breaking point enables tool-free opening by hand

  • Plastic seal for sealing of trucks, swap bodies, containers, boxes, tanks, etc.
  • Fixed length of seal tape
  • With scannable barcode 128
  • Predetermined breaking point
  • 1 PU = 1.000 pcs
  • Other variants are available on request

€0.10 / VK

Tax excluded (19%)
Shipping weight: 3,66 kg
1 - 3 days 820-nw