Service and quality

For every order with a net order value of 200, - €, you will receive a small gift from KRONSGUARD free of charge for each order. We would like to thank you for your confidence in the quality and service of KRONSGUARD.
Your immediate gift will be displayed in the shopping cart. You then simply choose your desired gift when ordering in the shopping cart and receive it automatically.


Simply clever security
with Kronsguard

Secure your transported goods and play it safe!

info Service and advice at Kronsguard

KRONSGUARD is very important to meet your requirements in terms of service and quality. To achieve this goal, our employees are trained on an ongoing basis and our products must undergo a permanent quality control. If you have suggestions or questions about our service, our friendly staff will be happy to help.

assignment_ind Individual advice and individual solutions

Wir gehen gerne auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen ein und beraten Sie ausführlich um eine passende Lösung zu finden. Dabei ermöglichen wir Ihnen ganz spezielle Ausführung um Ihren Wünschen gerecht zu werden - angefangen von fortlaufenden Seriennummern über individuelle Barcodes oder einen Logo-Aufdruck. Wir finden sicherlich optimale Lösungen.

sentiment_satisfied_alt Major customer care you can trust

We are happy to respond to your individual requirements and advise you in detail to find a suitable solution. We offer you a very special design to meet your needs - from serial numbers to individual barcodes or logo prints. We certainly find optimal solutions.

local_shipping Fast delivery, top quality with zero risk

We are anxious to enable a fast delivery at the most favorable terms of delivery. Our large and comprehensive warehousing allows us to promise a permanent delivery guarantee. All items undergo quality control on a permanent basis and are delivered in packaging optimized for transport.

brightness_7 Qualified employees take care of you

To ensure that you are always well informed and comprehensively looked after, KRONSGUARD is not only a training company, but also places the highest demands on its employees. Friendliness, competence and service awareness are a matter of course for us and benefit you.

notifications Brochures and samples - request free of charge

So that you do not lose sight of us, we send you our brochures free of charge and without obligation. Do you already have an article in mind that you would like to order from us, but are not quite sure yet? Ask us! We will gladly send you a sample.