Container desiccants are used to combat moisture and mold in shipping containers

Container desiccant is an essential factor for the safe and dry transportation of goods by sea or road. Especially on long transportation routes, containers are exposed to different climate zones, which can lead to moisture buildup and damage to the transported goods. Container desiccants, also known as dehumidifiers or container dehumidifiers, have been specifically developed to reduce moisture in containers and prevent damage, including the dreaded container rain.

Why container desiccants are important - preventing container rain and damage inside containers

Container desiccants are indispensable when it comes to transporting goods in containers safely and protected from moisture. Moisture inside the container can cause condensation, mold formation, and the dreaded "container rain," significantly impacting the quality of the transported goods. "Container rain" refers to the phenomenon where moisture inside the container condenses and drips onto the transported goods, causing significant damage. Container desiccants are a simple and effective solution to avoid these issues and transport goods safely and protected from moisture. If you are planning a container shipment, considering the use of container desiccants to minimize potential moisture problems and ensure a smooth processis crucial.


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Container desiccant 4DRY Pole, 10 pieces

  • Desiccant pole for moisture absorption
  • Fits into the panels of 20-foot and 40-foot containers
  • Up to 3.6 litres capacity


€15.90 / VK

Tax excluded (19%)
Shipping weight: 13 kg
1 - 3 days 1555

Container desiccant Cargosorb Classic in 1200, 8 pieces

  • For the export of containers
  • Reduces transport damages caused by humidity
  • Granules absorbs and binds humidity
  • Absorbs up to 4 liters
  • Recommended dosage per container:
    For 20 "container: 4-6 pieces
    For 40" container: 6-8 pieces

€18.50 / VK

Tax excluded (19%)
Shipping weight: 9,6 kg
1 - 3 days 1588