Data Logger

Data loggers for cold chains, transport, and logistics

Data loggers record various environmental values such as temperature, humidity, light exposure, or location through sensors. The measurement data, along with corresponding timestamps, are stored on the data logger and can be analyzed later through a data report. Data loggers are primarily used in industries, for monitoring cold chains or in logistics, to prevent product damage.

With data loggers, optimal conditions for specific products can be tested and optimized. Temperature data loggers are particularly commonly used. Most data loggers are equipped with a USB interface, allowing automatically generated reports to be read on a computer. In addition to USB data loggers, there are some loggers that transmit real-time measurements via an integrated SIM card. The values can be viewed online and monitored live from anywhere at any time. Data loggers can be configured with one or more minimum and maximum values, and if these values are exceeded or not met, the logger triggers an alarm. These critical thresholds can cause significant product damage.

Based on frequency of use, disposable data loggers and reusable data loggers can be distinguished. Disposable loggers are primarily used to log values within a short period. Typically, disposable data loggers are used during short transports. For sea freight or storage areas, permanent monitoring devices are suitable. Reusable data loggers can record environmental values over a long period and can be read multiple times, unlike disposable loggers.


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TempU S8 Single-use data logger for temperature, 10 pieces

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  • Reliable temperature control during transport
  • Current measured values visible at a glance in the LCD display
  • Particularly tamper-proof due to unique serial number

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