PowerLock PL-700 padlock
  • PowerLock PL-700 padlock
  • PowerLock PL-700 padlock
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PowerLock PL-700 padlock

  • High-security lock
  • Extra strong stainless steel padlock
  • Certified according to DIN EN 12320 grade 5
  • Maximum Security, key can only be removed in locked position
  • Suitable for BASIS container lock
Construction: Keyed different (kd)
Shipping weight: 0,9 kg
Tax excluded (19%)
Reference: 3306-v
1 - 2 weeks

Anti-theft device Anti-theft device
Construction site Construction site
Container / Swap trailer Container / Swap trailer
Doors Doors
Warehouse Warehouse

Padlock PowerLock PL-700

The PL-700 is highly durable, sustaining tests such aus acetic acid salt-spray, ensuring that it can withstand the elements when used in exposed locations. The PL-700 has superior physical strength which ensures maximum resistance against attacks. Further security is provided by hardened stainless steel balls locking the shackle on both sides. the standard finish supplied is stylish matte. The padlock body is manufactured from case-hardened stainless steel and measures 70mm wide. The shackle is manufactured from case-hardened boron steel and is 14mm in diameter. Includes the PowerLock Pro cylinder mechanism, containing 12 discs, stainless steel and rekeyable. The key is only removable in locked position. Comes with 2 stainless steel keys and a 2 year warranty.

Overview of Advantages

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Meeting BS EN12320:2001 Grade 5 
  • Removable shackle
  • Extra long shackle
  • Suitable for maximum security applications

Technical Data

  • Key system: PowerLock Pro
  • Body: Made of stainless steel, case-hardened, matte finish
  • Bodysize: 70 x 26 x 60mm (width x thickness x height)
  • Shackle: Diameter 14mm, height 50mm, material: case hardened stainless steel matte finish
  • Weight: 0,9kg

Content / packaging unit:

  • 1 x PL-700 padlock 14 mm
  • 2 x keys and 1 x key card (keyed different)
  • 1 x keys and 1 x key card (keyed alike)

Care instructions for the PowerLock PL-700 padlock

Teflon adhesive blocks the locking mechanism! Use brake cleaner to clean the lock. Then, apply a few drops of light oil into the keyhole and turn the key back and forth several times.
Suitable types of oil include sewing machine oil, gun oil, and thin synthetic motor oil.


Data sheet

Anti-theft device
Construction site
Container / Swap trailer

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1 - 3 days 1572

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