Customized Security Tape TamperGuard
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard - Any Colour
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard - Any Width
  • Customized Security Tape TamperGuard - Any Size

Customized Security Tape SafetyGuard

Security tape according to your wishes:

  •  Customized design
  •  Personalized consultation
  •  Highest quality
  •  Fair price
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Customized Security Tape SafetyGuard - Tamper-Evident Seal Tape tailored to your exact specifications

Submit your inquiry today and create a seal tape tailored to your needs

SafetyGuard's custom security tapes are specially designed to protect packages from unauthorized access or tampering. They leave behind highly visible residue text once the tape is removed. This message can range from a simple "VOID" to more complex security features like sequential numbers, graphics, logos, QR codes, or barcodes.

The customizable properties of security tapes allow for individual adjustments in color, width, length, and residue message. This results in a tailored tape that considers both security and visual aesthetics. These tapes are extremely durable and withstand the stresses of shipping and handling your packages. The use of security tapes is an effective strategy to protect the contents of packages and deter potential tampering, offering a reliable security solution for shipping sensitive goods.

SafetyGuard security tape not only meets visual requirements but also provides compelling quality. With high durability, it is optimally suited for the demands of shipping. The quality of our seal tape and the freely selectable customization options make SafetyGuard seal tape flexible for various applications, making it an excellent security solution for your shipping needs.

Your Customization Options - Design your seal tape to meet your specific requirements

With the individual SafetyGuard tamper-evident tape, you have numerous customization options. Your creativity knows no bounds. With your personal seal tape, you can prevent tampering while creating recognition and strengthening your brand through visual aesthetics. You have the option to design both the surface and subsurface printing. Lettering, company logos, and QR/barcodes can be printed on your security tape. Likewise, the residue text remaining on the package can be freely chosen. In addition to select standard colors, special colors can be mixed according to the CMYK color model. Furthermore, you can design the length of the seal tape, as well as the width and spacing of the print repetitions according to your preferences, creating a unique, specially tailored product for you. An illustration of the options can be found on the Downloads section on our website.

For any questions, the Kronsguard team is at your disposal. Our experienced staff will provide individual advice and support you in developing a product tailored to your needs. We will also provide you with a customized offer at attractive conditions. Interested in receiving a sample for testing? Just let us know, we are happy to assist you.

Technical Customization Options at a Glance:

Roll Length: 10m to 600m

Roll Width: 27mm to 240mm

Surface Printing, freely selectable: Company logo, company name, serial number, QR and barcodes

Subsurface Printing; Becomes visible when the film is removed: Custom text, QR/barcodes, numbers

Print Repetition: 12-inch, 15.75-inch, and 18-inch; Pre-perforation of the tape possible

Residue Text/Pattern; Remains on the package when attempting to remove the tape: Freely selectable patterns, barcodes, words in various languages, QR codes, logos

Color Selection; Colors according to the CMYK color model: In principle, all colors can be mixed.


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