Tell-tilt tilt indicators
  • Tell-tilt tilt indicators
  • Kippindikator Tell-Tilt
  • Kippindikator Tell-Tilt
  • Tell-tilt tilt indicators

Tilt indicator TELL-TILT, 100 pieces

  • Reliable transport control of goods at risk of tipping
  • Monitoring of tipping to detect improper handling immediately
  • Tamper-proof

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Effective Cargo Security with Tell-Tilt Tilt Indicators

Tell-Tilt tilt indicators are indispensable components in cargo security and can sensibly complement your company's safety protocol. These indicators provide a reliable solution for users who prioritize proper handling of their cargo and process security. The straightforward application of the Tell-Tilt tilt indicator allows for easy and reliable monitoring of your goods throughout the entire transportation process.

Simple Activation and Clear Display

The Tell-Tilt indicator is activated by simply removing the back adhesive film. The indicator irreversibly reacts with a red discoloration when a cargo inclination of more than 80° is detected. This enables a quick and clear visual identification of potential cargo issues, simplifying the goods receipt inspection. If the indicator window is red upon delivery, it could be a sign of improper cargo transport, prompting an inspection for damages. If actual damages are found, these can be recorded directly on the delivery documents, allowing you to contact the carrier or supplier.

For particularly sensitive cargo, we recommend the additional use of a shock indicator. The combination of shock and tilt indicators enables the early detection of any possible damage. Shock indicators are also available in our Kronsguard online shop.

Unique Serial Number and Barcode for Maximum Security

Each Tell-Tilt indicator is equipped with a globally unique serial number, also printed as a barcode. This unique identification allows for precise tracking and can be effortlessly read with standard barcode scanners. This security measure makes it impossible to replace the indicator, ensuring high process security by eliminating any possibility of tampering.

Technical details overview

  • Activation with a single inclination over 80°
  • Permanent red discoloration as a clear indication
  • Temperature-independent for versatile applications
  • Individual numbering through serial number and barcode
  • Ideal for users prioritizing secure cargo handling

Comprehensive Package for Maximum Security

Included in the package are the Tell-Tilt indicator and matching warning stickers, already included in the price. Furthermore, the Tell-Tilt indicator is certified by the SGS Group, emphasizing its high quality and reliability.

Kronsguard: Your Partner for Secure Transport

Don't leave your cargo security to chance—rely on the precision and reliability of Tell-Tilt tilt indicators from Kronsguard. Invest in a smooth and secure transportation of your goods. Need samples for testing? Feel free to contact us, and we'll send you complimentary samples. For any further questions regarding transport and tamper security, our expert team is available at all times.


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