Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2
  • Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2
  • Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2 37G purple
  • Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2 on box with warning sticker
  • Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2
  • Tell-Shock 2 impact indicator with warning sticker and sticker for freight documents
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Impact indicator Tell-Shock 2, 100 pieces

  • Ideal transport monitoring for large packages and stacked loads
  • Particularly suitable for loading and unloading processes of heavy goods
G value: 37G

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Shock indicator TELL-SHOCK 2 - the attractive alternative to ShockWatch 2 indicator

Tell-Shock 2 impact indicators are used for load securing and reliably indicate whether your goods are has been transported improperly. If one of your marked packages is hit or shaken during transport, the indicator irreversibly changes color from white to red. Due to the similar functionality, the Tell-Shock 2 is an excellent alternative to the ShockWatch, the current bestseller among shock sensors.

The Tell-Shock 2 has a range of impact angles from 0° to 45° to the vertical (perpendicular) axis of your cargo. In the event of an impact or a jolt, the window facing the direction of the impact changes color and thus indicates improper Cargo handling. The following applies: if the upper window turns red, the impact came from above. Impacts from below trigger the lower indicator. The Tell-Shock 2 is self-adhesive. After removing the protective film, the indicator can be stucked in the marked area of the supplied warning sticker. At the same time, removing the protective film activates the indicator. The delivery note sticker that is also supplied is used as an additional note for the recipient and can be added to the shipping documents.

To ensure tamper-proof transport, the indicators are provided with unique serial numbers. This prevents swapping an already triggered indicator. The serial number can be easily scanned via the printed barcode. To ensure that the Tell-Shock 2 does not trigger too early or too late, the indicators should be optimally matched to the charge. Total weight including packaging and the size of the package in cubic meters are the most important criteria when choosing an ideal degree of sensitivity (G value) of the indicator. Based on these criteria, you can use the sensitivity summary table to select the appropriate item.

Prevent your freight from damage with Tell-Shock 2 shock indicators

  • CLEAR DISPLAY: Has your freight been damaged from above or underneath
  • MANIPULATION PROTECTION: due to uniquely continous numbering
  • DAMAGE REDUCTION: Packages with indicators are treated more carefully during the transport
  • FAST DAMAGE PROCESSION: When checking the goods, damage is immediatly recognizable
  • CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE: The use of indicators shows that a damage-free transport is important for you

Our recommendation for the ideal transport security with the TELL-SHOCK 2:

We strongly recommend that you write down or scan the serial numbers. Two indicators in the diagonally opposite corners (top and bottom) are suitable for optimum transport safety. For particularly sensitive goods, the additional use of a tilt indicator is also recommended.

Technical details:

  • Sensitivities: 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G
  • Accuracy: +/- 15%
  • Responsiveness: 1-axis, vertical (0° - 45°)
  • Dimensions: 48 x 43 x 6 mm

Further information:

  • Fastening: self-adhesive
  • Working temperature: -25°C to 80°C
  • Shelf life: 2 years at room temperature 20 °C
  • Storage conditions: room temperature (20 °C)

Content / Packaging unit:

  • 100 x Tell-Shock 2 indicator
  • 100 x2-language warning sticker
  • 100 x sticker for freight documents

Data sheet

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Incoming goods inspection

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