Impact indicator TELL-SHOCK
  • Impact indicator TELL-SHOCK
  • Transport indicator TELL-SHOCK-Shock in different variants
  • Shock indicator TELL-SHOCK
  • Transport indicator TELL-SHOCK-Shock in different variants

Impact indicator TELL-SHOCK, 50 pieces

  • Reliable transport monitoring
  • Shocks are visible at a glance
  • Simplifies the control of incoming goods
  • Shipping only possible within Germany
G value: 50G

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Shock detection with the Tell-Shock shock indicator - the easy way to ensure transport safety, shipping control, and damage prevention

The TELL-SHOCK shock indicator serves as a vibration sensor and is the ideal solution for simple and secure monitoring of your goods during transport. This shock indicator ensures reliable shipping control through vibration measurement throughout the entire transportation process, ensuring the secure handling of your goods. Once a predefined vibration threshold is exceeded, the shock detector irreversibly changes color from white to red. This red color clearly signals improper cargo handling, indicating that cargo securing may not have been ensured. The shock indicator can be adjusted to the specific requirements of your cargo by using different sensitivity levels (G-forces).

Tamper-proof with unique serial numbers and scannable barcode

Each TELL-SHOCK shock indicator is equipped with a barcode label containing a unique serial number that ensures tamper-proof protection and prevents the replacement of a triggered indicator. The serial number can be easily scanned using a standard barcode scanner with the Barcode 128 format. The TELL-SHOCK shock indicator is particularly suitable for users who need to closely monitor the transportation of their cargo.

Loss prevention and packaging integrity

The distinct red coloration and prominent warning label make a shock event immediately visible. The eye-catching color of the shock indicator and the warning notice have a deterrent effect and contribute to minimizing improper handling. The barcode ensures accurate transmission of the serial number and facilitates the work of employees. Shock indicators enable efficient monitoring of internal and external transportation. The visibility of impacts and vibrations at a glance greatly facilitates incoming goods control, saving time and money by clearly identifying packages or items that need to be inspected for transport damage. The serial number makes each indicator unique and non-replaceable.

Please note: The shipment of TELL-SHOCK shock indicators is only possible within Germany using dry ice. Due to the special requirements for safe transport, the shipment is carried out in a dry ice package. Separate transport and handling costs apply. The shipment of the indicators can only take place on Mondays and Tuesdays and is limited to Germany.

Technical details of the TELL-SHOCK shock indicator:

  • Triggering time: 0.5 - 50 ms
  • Triggering angle: 360°
  • Temperature range: -28°C to +70°C
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage conditions: Room temperature
  • Individually numbered with serial numbers
  • Serial number scannable through printed barcode
  • Certification: SGS Group Report HC10046/2014
  • Attachment: Self-adhesive

Contents / Packaging unit:

  • 50 x TELL-SHOCK shock indicator
  • 50 x bilingual warning label

The TELL-SHOCK shock indicator is available in 7 different shock sensitivities to meet the individual requirements of your cargo. Choose the appropriate shock indicator and ensure secure transport monitoring of your goods. If you want to buy shock indicators but need assistance in selecting the right shock sensitivity, the Kronsguard team is ready to help. Purchase our bestseller and conveniently pay by invoice.


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Incoming goods inspection Incoming goods inspection
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